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The Rate of Sexual Abuse Against Women in Sex Industry in NZ


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Since early 2014, we have been growing Rosalie’s Haven. We are all volunteers and operate on donations from the wonderful people who believe in our women. We help women into a more fulfilling life. A life with more choice. A life with longer term joy. Rosalie’s Haven provides practical, emotional, social, career and spiritual support our women need.

All of these areas provide for growth and success:

Support of Immediate needs: Accommodation, food and clothing. These are often the immediate need most women have. We also work with organisations and services to help solve debt.

Support of Emotional and Social needs: We introduce healthy friendships and wholesome connections with community, all in an environment of progress and upwards growth. We have programs on successful relationships, life increase and fruitful growth, all of which work to enable our women to become more confident in themselves.

Support of Career needs: Through our partner organisations we run programs that help women discover the range of progressive career options. We believe our women can progress into these new careers, opening up possibilities previously only dreamed of by our women.

Rosalie's Testimony

There were 2 children in our family, my brother Malcolm, he is a year older than myself. Our Mother wasn’t very well and couldn’t look after us. Mother left the family when I was 2 and Malcolm was 3. Family circumstances changed. At the age of 2 my mother said she could no longer cope, took us to our Aunt and Uncle and their family and just left us. Malcolm never saw his mum again and I never saw her again until just before I got married. When I was 4 my Aunt told my father he would need to move on with his family, as my aunt was having another child and needed the room. Abandoned My father said he would take Malcolm but wasn’t interested in me because I was a girl, so my father took Malcolm up to the King Country and I was put into a Children’s Home.

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I was in the Home until I was 15. I remember seeing my father about twice in the 1st year. We had lots of fun in the Home, we had lots of outings. Organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Church Groups etc. gave us outings to such things as Carterton Show Day, skating, pictures, Hastings Blossom Festival. We would join with The Salvation Army and Home of Compassion Homes for some of these trips. We had 2 women who were sisters look after us , with some help from outside. There was 1 Home for the girls and a separate Home for the boys on the same property. Abuse I had suffered abuse most of my life, I was an unwanted child, I was so neglected that at the age of 4 I couldn’t say one word, but with speech clinic help I soon learnt how to speak, now you can’t keep me quiet. The Children’s Home was run by a church organization in Wellington and to everyone outside the Home it appeared to be well run and was until the superindendent left and we got a new one. The new Superindendent was a wicked man, he could do no wrong in the eyes of those outside the Home and was well thought of. He sexually, physically and mentally abused most of the children in his care. When complaints were made they always believed this low life. He was teaching Sunday School and we made the church aware of that but again they chose to believe him. When I was 15 my father turned up out of the blue, I didn’t know him from a bar of soap, but at all cost I wanted out of that Home so I went home with my father to the King Country. However he sexually abused me many times, so I ran away and became a sex worker, the law caught up with me and I was put into a foster home which was a disaster. So Child Welfare in those days gave me a choice, go home and do what I am told for 3 months or go to Mary crest a place in Otaki for 2 years. I certainly wasn’t gong home and falling pregnant to my father, so I went to Marycrest. It was a haven for me, I still keep in touch with the Catholic Sister’s that looked after us 50 years after leaving, I think that in itself speaks volumes. However I went back to working as a sex worker, it was the thing I really knew. I got friendly with some lovely Christians and started going back to church, but because I did some bad things and couldn’t stay on the straight and narrow I got kicked out of the church and everyone in that church was told to have nothing to do with me. I swore I would never go into another church. I got into more trouble with the law. I was staying in a motel one night in Auckland with no money or food, the next night I stayed in a brothel and I decided to put God to the test, there was only God and myself. I said to God if you are for real get me out of this mess and I will follow you. His response was go back to the town you have run from and put things right. So I did this, it wasn’t easy and I knew there was a chance I could go to jail. I had to go back to a government department and say I had defrauded them, that was really scary, they had a private detective on my trail, who wanted to throw the book at me. The department was really good and dropped the case against me. I went back to church ( it was a new church for me ) I was baptised and changed my ways, however my husband and I decided to change churches. So we started going to the church where we are now, we are very happy and have been in this church for 9 years. We love it because people are accepted and loved because of who they are and not because of what they can give. We value our Pastor very much because he is so honest and calls a spade a spade, he doesn’t put icing on the cake just to make it look pretty. He remembers everyone by name that is really hard for any of us to do. He cares so much about his folk that he goes way beyond the call of duty, even working on his day off sometimes. This is amazing, I have been able to move on from the abuse and forgive.

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One study found 75% of women involved in the sex industry have attempted suicide. Women involved in the industry often will not seek help because they are suspicious of outsiders and authorities, fear rejection, and fear change. Sex workers often fear admitting they have been harmed. They may have difficulty establishing enough control over their own lives to seek help.

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