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One study found 75% of women involved in the sex industry have attempted suicide. Women involved in the industry often will not seek help because they are suspicious of outsiders and authorities, fear rejection, and fear change. Sex workers often fear admitting they have been harmed. They may have difficulty establishing enough control over their own lives to seek help.

Friendship volunteering: We provide a regular get-together’s including relaxed conversation and events. This is a time to build intentional friendships with our women. We encourage invitations for our women to public and church events. Being a friend, while difficult at times, can be one of the most rewarding volunteering roles.

Career mentorship volunteering: We match you up with one woman for an hour of mentorship per month. Over a cup of tea, you encourage, tell stories of our experiences, ask how they are progressing, provide suggestions and generally uplift our women in their upwards growth. This is huge, the power of mentorship is so great and the need so critical. With you, our women’s upward path is visible and the way forward possible. Successful relationships, and fruitful growth training volunteers: Rosalie’s Haven has specific courses for our women, created to enable growth and upwards momentum. If you are passionate about teaching and life we would love to have your involvement and support in this training growth. Your volunteer support may even find a thing or two that excites you.

Cooking volunteering: Are you a chef with a sweet tooth or a mouthful of them? We would love to have your cooking skills to bake small batches of treats for our kitchen. We use these in our studies and our events, and they are super appreciated by both our women and our volunteers!

 Fundraising volunteering: Rosalie’s Haven is actively involved in fundraising on a regular basis. Without fundraising we could not offer the support of Rosalie’s Haven. We need your help in our events and you will be most warmly appreciated. Our events range from sausage sizzles, to movie evenings, to special events. We have a large public profile and really welcome your volunteering with open arms.

Rosalie’s Haven has a code of volunteer ethics which include safe boundaries, privacy, confidentiality and reasonable expectations. We provide an induction training event and naturally interview you – our volunteers – for suitability.

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Mobile phone number: 0221231783

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